Veterinary Wellness Exams in Powhatan

Put Your Pet’s Health First 

Every pet should have the chance to have a long, healthy life. With River Run Animal Hospital by your side, your pet will be able to enjoy a lifetime of good health. With regular wellness care, your pet can thrive at every stage of life. We are pleased to offer routine wellness exams in Powhatan for your furry family members. Our team of experienced and highly trained veterinarians have the tools to monitor your pet’s health and help keep them healthy throughout their life. We take the time to answer your questions and educate you on the best ways to care for your pet. Together, we can help your pet thrive. 

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Wellness Checkups for Your Furry Family Members

For most pets, an annual wellness exam is sufficient to maintain their wellbeing. For other pets, more frequent visits might be necessary. Your veterinarian will let you know what is best for your pet, based on their species, age, and breed. It is important that your pet comes in to see us regularly to keep tabs on their health and wellbeing. 

Our wellness checkups include the following: 

  • A nose-to-tail physical exam
  • Laboratory testing of blood and/or feces
  • Parasite prevention measures
  • Vaccinations

We make sure to examine your pet thoroughly, so we have the best information possible about your pet’s health. Each of these steps of our wellness exams helps us understand a little bit more about your pet as well as put together a profile of your pet’s health. With this baseline in hand, your veterinarian will be better able to notice when there are changes in your pet’s health. This will help us treat your pet faster and more accurately when needed. In some cases, a faster response can make the difference between preserving your pet’s life and serious illness. 

What to Expect from a Wellness Appointment

During your pet’s wellness exam, your veterinarian will likely ask you questions about your pet, such as if you have noticed any changes in your pet’s activity or behavior. They will ask about your pet’s habits, their diet, and other questions to help us get to know your pet. We know that you know your pet best! This is why we work together to understand your pet’s health. 

Ultimately, the goal of wellness care is preventing diseases. With even a small amount of prevention, you can protect your pet’s health for the long term. For example, we offer parasite prevention and vaccinations to keep your pet free from parasites and communicable diseases. We will make recommendations as to the best way to protect your pet’s health and to help them thrive at every stage of life. 

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    Dr. Parker was amazing: kind, reassuring, and informative. As it turned out, Rocky had a cough which was a relief. Because of our experience this morning we have decided to switch vets.
    -Lois M.
    New to Powhatan and had not yet found a vet but River Run came highly recommended. They were able to get us in same day. They were thorough, compassionate and gentle with our Hallie.
    -Julie B.
    He could have sent me home with meds and ordered more tests but he is an honest vet and I super appreciate that!! Thank you for making what could have been a horrible day a super sparkly day!!
    -Cindy J.