Mission Statement

At River Run Animal Hospital we are about the betterment of life for our clients and their pets by serving the enduring bond between them.

Symbols are a form of guidance, a form of communication. Symbols are the language of the mind. They are visual representations of our thoughts, feelings, emotions and values.

River Run Animal Hospital is situated between the James and Appomattox Rivers. It is from these two flowing bodies of water that have played a central and defining role in the development of Richmond Virginia that we define our identity.

Our symbol is water. Water is life sustaining, water is cohesive, water can shape it's environment, and water is the most unique substance in the universe. But not just water, moving water, hence the name River Run. Water is the embodiment of the values and traits we strive to foster so as to distinguish our care and best serve our clients and their pets.

Core Values

Rivers can carve mountains into canyons. They do this through a firm continuance in a course of action in spite of difficulty or opposition. Our job will not always be easy or glamorous. We are not foolish enough to have that expectation. But we will persist because our mission is noble and worthwhile.

Water molecules share a bond that give them a unique cohesiveness. We recognize that different people have unique talents and methods in which they can contribute to the team. We will support and encourage each other in our own unique ways to accomplish our goals.

We will always adhere to a higher moral standard of integrity. We will always endeavor to do the right thing and be honest when we don’t. Like a pure mountain river our motives and actions will be as pure and transparent as possible.

Just like a river is a strong and barely containable force, so too is passion a strong and barely controllable emotion. We do not “follow our passion”, we bring it with us. We believe that any job can be done with passion and enthusiasm.

Rivers are the most common form of natural boundary. Healthy boundaries, when well communicated, can strengthen relationships between two interconnected entities or people. Boundaries define and acknowledge needs. We will always be mindful of the healthy boundaries between the needs of the client, pet, staff, and business.

The Customer Experience

A customer’s experience at our hospital is the sum total of a number of small assessments. Subconsciously they are adding points for positive experiences and subtracting points for negative experiences.

Good experiences - Bad experiences = total assessment.

These assessments can be broken down into three key areas:

The People: The behavior and appearance of the staff.

The Place: Non-human elements in the service environment consisting of design and ambient factors.

The Proficiency: The quality of medicine or service provided.

We will provide a customer experience that is second to none. What does “second to none” look like?

Our team members will always be dressed in a proper uniform that is clean and presentable. Clients and pets will be acknowledged immediately and greeted in a warm and friendly manner. We will always be looking for opportunities to make a client and their pet feel welcome and valued. All our interactions with clients will positive, professional, and individualized.

Our facilities will be kept in good repair, neat, and always ready for client viewing. Our grounds will be clean, free of trash, and well manicured. Messes and odors will be dealt with in a timely manner. We will be mindful of sounds and their affects on clients and pets so as to not detract from the experience.

We place a strong emphasis on obtaining and sharing updated knowledge. We will never stop learning so as to continually provide the best medicine and care possible. We will constantly be pursuing training and seminars to update our knowledge base. All information in the client file will be confirmed accurate. Treatment plans and medical care will be the best possible and specifically tailored to the individual client and pet’s needs. Medical records will be accurate and completed in a timely fashion.

Effective teams do not happen by accident. They take work and nurturing. Like the water that is our symbol, we will always find a way to our goals and we will stick together. Individually we are but a single drop, together we are the River! Welcome to the River!

    Dr. Parker was amazing: kind, reassuring, and informative. As it turned out, Rocky had a cough which was a relief. Because of our experience this morning we have decided to switch vets.
    -Lois M.
    New to Powhatan and had not yet found a vet but River Run came highly recommended. They were able to get us in same day. They were thorough, compassionate and gentle with our Hallie.
    -Julie B.
    He could have sent me home with meds and ordered more tests but he is an honest vet and I super appreciate that!! Thank you for making what could have been a horrible day a super sparkly day!!
    -Cindy J.